fifteen Things We Learned About Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’

Place star offers details to followers during Twitter Q& A

Last night, Lady Gaga hosted a short, but very helpful fan Q& A on Twitter, where she revealed a variety of details about her highly expected fourth studio album, ARTPOP . Here’s 15 important takeaways.

1 . Gaga is obsessed with ARTPOP.

2 . “Swine” was hard to write. Rage occurred.

3. Is ARTPOP is part of a trilogy?

4. Gaga’s been sick over ARTPOP.

5. ARTPOP ‘s sound will be all over the place.

6. ARTPOP is for the junky in all of us.

7. So what does “artpop” mean anyways?

8. ARTPOP is without boundaries.

9. The ARTPOP cover is a sculpture of Gaga.

10. The song “Brooklyn Nights” will see the light of day.

11. ARTPOP is joy.

12. Gaga might be doing something with NASA.

13. Waffle real talk

14. Gaga’s a Deadhead.

fifteen. Gaga wants to perform ARTPOP front to back on tour.

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