Tribeca Film Review: ‘The Public Picture Is Rotten’

A good music documentary is more than a footnote to a band’s career — it can station, and heighten, the excitement that made the band memorable. For the reason that spirit, there is much to be mentioned for “ The Public Image Is Rotten, ” which casts its eye back over the sprawling, tempestuous, gnarly, ever-mutating career of General public… Read more »

Uncommon Atmospherics at Beijing Festival Starting

The opening ceremony of the seventh edition of the Beijing International Film Festival took place Sunday night time amid a tight security cordon at Huairou, and the wind blowing white lint from the poplar trees that will surround the city. As well as a spectacular long term theater, the far-flung Beijing region is home to China Film Group’s… Read more »

Every day Mail Apologizes to Melania Trump, Pays Damages in Defamation Situation

Melania Trump has have scored a victory over Britain’ s Daily Mail, which apologized towards the first lady Wednesday and decided to pay damages over an article that suggested she once worked as an escort. Trump sued the paper and its Mail Online website in February over the article, which appeared last August. A settlement was announced in… Read more »

United states senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch gained confirmation as an associate justice to the Supreme Court, one day after Senate Republicans abandoned longtime tradition in order to overcome a Democratic filibuster. United states senate Republicans obtained 51 votes to verify his nomination just before noon on Friday, as the roll call carried on. Gorsuch’ s confirmation was a provided after the Senate on Thursday voted… Read more »

Patricia Arquette Honors Her Late Cousin Alexis at GLAAD Media Awards

As the entertainment industry is constantly on the champion for inclusiveness, the current politics climate is not a matter of life imitating art. The 28th annual GLAAD Media Honours celebrated fair and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, amid a hotbed of political and cultural pressure… Read more »

How Netflix Wants to Rule the World: The Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Global TV System

The critics may not possess fallen in love with “Iron Fist” — but that didn’t stop Netflix from inviting journalists from all over the world to its offices in Silicon Valley this week for the global start of the company’s latest Marvel series. Dubbed “Netflix Lab Days, ” the event included a number of talks from executives… Read more »

Movie Review: ‘Pork Pie’

A trio of young Kiwis with nothing to lose drive a sizzling car the length of New Zealand and become folk heroes along the way in this sleek, kinetic and eye-catching retooling from the 1981 film that slapped the word “Goodbye” at the beginning and put the country over the map. Car-chase films play just about everywhere,… Read more »