Proceed Behind the Scenes of Nine Inch Nails’ International Tour

Go Concealed from the public view of Nine Inch Nails’ International Tour

New documentary chronicles the band’s stage reinvention

After crafting the stunning phase show for Nine Inch Nails’ several festival dates this summer, frontman Trent Reznor figured that the prep for his band’s first official tour since 2008 would be a air flow. Then his own ambitions got in the way. “Let’s push ourselves into sensation reinvention. Let’s get uncomfortable, ” Reznor tells the troops within the band’s episode of Vevo’s Tour Exposed series . An additional later, he adds, with a slight smile, “I may have screwed myself here. ”

The particular 15-minute clip offers a unique look into the band’s use of new technology, as well as NIN creative director Rob Sheridan’s process for creating the wild video content projected behind the band. He or she and Reznor had a tough road; everything they originally concocted for that festival circuit (as chronicled within Episode One) went out the home window, and Reznor also decided to shake up the band’s setlist and selection, adding a handful of back-up singers plus bassist Pino Palladino (who’s throughout NIN’s comeback record, Hesitation Marks).

In this part of the event, you can watch Reznor, as he puts it, “trying to expand this band in to something bigger than it is, ” while showing Palladino the ropes plus coming up with new vocal arrangements.

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As Reznor made the slew of last-minute changes at the final day of rehearsal, everybody agreed that the show was definately not perfect – or even really completed – and that they’d have to keep adapt on the road. Still, neither Reznor nor Sheridan appear to regret their decision to completely revamp the trip. “The worst thing that a music group as old as Nine ” Nails can do is just be a reminiscence act, ” says Sheridan within the clip.

“I’m only here because I’ve kept on that edge of trying to stay in front of things, ” echoes Reznor. “And the idea we had for this tour was obviously a cop-out, and it had to change. ”

Nine Inch Nails just wrapped the North American leg of their Tension tour. They’ll go overseas for the international leg from March to June of the coming year.

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