Justin Bieber Drives Internet Crazy with Batman vs. Superman Script

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Is Justin Bieber in consideration to play Robin within Zack Snyder’s sequel to “Man of Steel, ” or is actually he just having a laugh? No one understands for sure, but Batfans were terrified Friday night when Bieber added a photo to his Instagram feed in which he appears to be showing a duplicate of the Batman vs. Superman software with his name on it. The Instagram was captioned “#robin?? ”

Whilst fanboys would likely be even more very angry by Bieber taking a role within the film than they were by Mine ben Affleck’s casting, they’re sure to have an interest by another tidbit revealed upon Bieber’s photo: The title “Based upon Batman: The Dark Knight Falls by Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen” refers to the fourth chapter associated with Miller’s “The Dark Knight Comes back ” graphic novel, which could display that Miller’s work will influence the script more than previously thought.

Of course , Bieber also shot a video for Funny or even Die today…and a prop software would be just the thing to stir up both the Beliebers and the Batfans.

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