Nobleman of Leon Open Up About Their Crisis

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‘ I had to eliminate them for what felt like turning their back on me, ‘ Caleb Followill says of his bandmates

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The final time the Kings of Leon started a major tour, they were perhaps the biggest young rock band in the world, filling arenas on the strength of their huge hits ” Use Somebody inches and ” Sex on Fire, inches from 2008 ‘s Grammy-winning Just By The Night. But the follow-up, the year of 2010 ‘s Come Around Sundown, sold poorly in comparison. ” I pretty much examined for that record, ” singer Caleb Followill says now.

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In a new # @@ # @!! Rolling Rock # @@ # snabel-a!! feature written by associate editor Patrick Doyle, the band open up concerning the rocky past two years leading to their new album Mechanical Bull, including a disastrous Dallas gig in July 2011 when Caleb Followill announced, ” I ‘m gonna go backstage and I ‘m gonna vomit, I ‘m gonna drink the beer and I ‘m gonna come back out and play three more songs. ” He never returned; the band ended its tour early, canceling 26 dates.

Caleb says he experienced blindsided by the band ‘s feedback following the incident ( “Fucking dislike Caleb not us, ” bassist Jared Followill said onstage ). ” I was fucking pissed, inches Caleb says. ” I got on the plane and went to New York and was like, ‘Fuck them, ‘ you realize. And, you know, it hurts. This hurt when I heard that, simply because I ‘ve always stood in it. I stood behind them when we fucking walked offstage because of pigeons. Inde i ‘ve always been like a one-for-all, all-for-one type. And when I heard which, I was like, ‘ Wow. Perhaps it is time to step back for a while. ‘”

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The bandmates did n’t see one another till days later, when they met in a Nashville steakhouse. Several news stores reported that the band ordered Caleb to rehab. When asked if this is true, Jared and Matthew Followill responded with long silence. ” Inde i ca n’t say no one necessarily thought that, ” says Matthew.

” If they had, they knew I would have laughed at that, inches Caleb responds. He adds that he stopped drinking for nine months to prove to the band he could: ” I have way too strong of the will to ever need to go someplace. ”

The Nobleman are back on the road supporting # @@ # @!! Mechanised Bull , and their goals have changed since their pop radio-dominating days. ” Back then, we were trying to do something that people remember, ” states Caleb. ” Now I ‘m trying to do something that makes my daughter very pleased. One day, hopefully I ‘ll be here, but if I ‘m not really, she ‘ll be like, ‘ My dad was fuckin’ cool. ‘”

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