NCLR ALMA Awards: ‘This Is Not the White People Emmys’

“This is not the white people Emmys, ” said one of the show’s producers before the live telecast of the NCLR ALMA Awards on Sept. 27.

“We’re Latinos! We want it to appear good on television, ” he reminded the audience to smile and also have a good time before the cameras started rolling. The NCLR ALMA Awards, kept in Pasadena, Calif., celebrate Latinos in entertainment and was transmit live on MSNBC this year — or as Janet Murguia , CEO of the National Council of La Raza, put it, “more sabor on NBC”… at least for one hour.

Co-hosts Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez kicked off the show with some “Hardball”-style political banter, commenting on a probable government shutdown. “They should put a Latina in charge of the budget, ” she said. “If anyone understands how to stretch a dollar, it is a Latina. ” However , Lopez countered, “If anyone knows the best way to spend a dollar, it’s a Latina. ”

The cast of “Dexter” was honored for special achievement in tv, with castmembers Aimee Garcia and David Zayas accepting on behalf of the show. Garcia thanked the fans for their assistance of the show and Zayas praised the show for its “positive picture for Latinos for the last eight yrs. ”

“Filly Brown” was also honored for special achievement in film, with producer Edward James Olmos and stars Gina Rodriguez and Lou Diamond Phillips accepting on behalf of the film. Phillips took a moment to consider the late Jenni Rivera, who he called “the heart and soul of the movie. ”

Furthermore honored for outstanding commitment to cause and community were Rosario Dawson and Carlos Santana . This may not have been the white people Emmys, but Dawson’s speech ran long and the songs tried to play her off twice, but she kept going, stating, “It’s a really good speech, I guarantee! ”

Director Robert Rodriguez sauntered in during a commercial break and made a beeline to Olmos, before greeting his “Machete” star Danny Trejo .

Jessica Alba presented the Anthony Quinn Award for Sector Excellence to Rodriguez , and brought out many of the stars associated with “the Robert Rodriguez family home films, ” including Dawson, grown-up “Spy Kids’” Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara , and “Machete’s” Trejo and Tito Larriva .

“Look at the skill I’ve turned my camera on, ” Rodriguez said, marveling on his 20-year career. “It was grim 20 years ago, ” this individual said, “But we have a lot to appear forward to. We have our own tv network, ” he said, mentioning his El Rey Network, scheduled to launch at the end of the year. He or she finished his speech with an support given to him by Ricardo Montalban 20 years ago and said to the young people in the audience, “You are the hope. ”

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