Robert Plant Discovers Unreleased Led Zeppelin Music

Recordings feature bassist John Paul Jones on lead vocals

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 6, Robert Flower revealed that he has unearthed some previously unreleased Led Zeppelin recordings. When the DJs asked him regarding “hidden gems” on the forthcoming remasters of the band’s catalog, he mentioned he’d discovered a few.

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“I found some quarter-inch spools recently, ” he said. “I had a meeting with Jimmy [Page] and we baked ’em upward and listened to ’em. And there’s some very, very interesting bits and pieces that will probably will turn up on these things. inch

Among them are some recordings featuring the group’s bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones on lead vocals. “So significantly, he’s going to give me two cars and also a greenhouse not to get ’em over the album, ” Plant said with a hearty laugh. “Oh, John, anywhere you are with your opera, John, you can’t wait to hear yourself singing worldwide. ” (Jones is writing a good opera with Robyn Hitchcock as well as the Norwegian group Supersilent. )

Last year, Page told Rolling Stone that he’s been working on an extensive remastering of Led Zeppelin’s oeuvre. “The catalog was last remastered 20 years ago, ” the particular guitarist said, referring to the 1990 release of the four-CD box established Led Zeppelin . “That’s a long time. Everything is being transferred from analog to a higher-resolution electronic format. That’s one of the problems with the particular Zeppelin stuff. It sounds ridiculous on MP3. You can’t hear what’s generally there properly. ” He also revealed that while the group didn’t record numerous additional songs when making records, these people did record “different versions of things, different approaches to the blends. ” He said the music group would include “the substantial stuff” in the reissues.

Currently, there is no release date for that remastered catalog.

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