Young Love – Too Young to Fight It


  • Discotech
  • Give Up
  • Closer to You
  • Too Young to Fight It
  • Nameless One
  • Find a New Way
  • Tell Me
  • Take It or Leave It
  • Tragedy
  • Underneath the Night Sky
  • Close Your Eyes



This CD realizes the plans of singer/songwriter and frontman Dan Keyes to find the place where rock, dance and pop could co-exist. Attack! We keep it on the dance floor Discotech, intones the single, providing the first glimpse into the world of Young Love. Flirting with rock n’ roll and club attitude, Too Young To Fight It is pop confection that could fit comfortably into the New York underground rock scene, without ever emulating it. The new tracks were danceable, unpredictable, poppy and thematic. They were, in essence, the origins of what would become Young Love. Actually, says Keyes, ‘a lot of these songs are just about nightlife, and the other half are about love.’ ‘It all sounds really positive, even if you really listen to the lyrics and see that it’s not always the case. Ultimately, Too Young To Fight It is the break that Keyes has been working toward for years, he says I’m excited to get them out there. And I hope people get excited by them: I feel like I’m just the instrument to give the songs to everyone.’

3 thoughts on “Young Love – Too Young to Fight It

  1. Dan

    I’ve owned it for 9 months and people inquire who the artist is all the time. I typically toss it into a playlist and parties I host and it gets discussions going quite often.

    I stumbled across it on MTV and then listened to it here on Amazon before purchasing the CD. One of the better “new emerging artist” type of CD purchases I have made over the last 5-10 years. Pete Yorn (Music for the morning after) was another great CD that people always rave about or ask questions about.

  2. Audy

    I just saw these guys in concert and I got to meet them after and they are all so nice and down to earth people! and they’re as amazing in concert as they are on the cd!! definetely a soon to be bestselling cd!!!

  3. Ally

    “Discotech” and “Find a New Way”, the more danceable songs, were my favorites. My second favorites were “Closer to You”, “Close you eyes” and some other more acoustically clean songs. Mr. Keyes does his best work on the acoustic numbers. However, songs like “Take it or Leave it” and “Tell Me”, had to grow on me (although, the song “Give Up” still feels like overkill). This album is great, considering that many genres ( r&b, alternative, dance/electronica, indie…) are covered on it–which is pretty impressive. If you want something that is a little bit of everything, Too Young to Fight It is your best bet.


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