Young Love – One of Us


  • Unafraid
  • One to Ten
  • Get Me Up
  • Black Boots
  • The Picture
  • Down on Me
  • Turn It Up
  • Don’t Fight It
  • Can You Hear Me
  • Love for Sale




2009 release from the New York-based singer/songwriter Dan Keyes AKA Young Love. Something happened in the intervening years since you last heard Young Love. Sure, Dan Keyes is still masterminding music that sets dancefloors ablaze, but since the release of 2007’s excellent Too Young To Fight It, there’s been a shift, a subtle but assured transmogrification in Keyes that manifests itself in each carefully chosen chord, each deliberately delivered lyric. From the sound of One of Us, what Keyes wanted musically and lyrically was a record that is at once energetic and contemplative, moving audiences seamlessly from a dancefloor packed with strangers to a room filled with friends.

4 thoughts on “Young Love – One of Us

  1. Cindy

    I listened to all the songs today and I love it. I like their sound. It doesn’t sound like its trying to be whats popular. One of the songs sounds like a mix of new 2000s music and 1980s-1990s, I love it. The lyrics are good and meaningful. The album was well put together.

  2. Hicks

    I will start off the review saying I LOVE too his first Cd entitled “Too Young To Fight It” [for those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Daniel Keyes]it was like listening to a new genre every song and if you are eclectic like I am, you really can appreciate an artist who isn’t afraid to think outside the box. [i.e. Rihanna,Lady Gaga,Karl Wolf,Utada] so when I saw this had been released I immediately bought it! if you are familar w/ him and have TYTFI then you know that this CD is entirely different, you can tell that he has changed and grown up musically not just lyrically, but in the production as well. I like how the album is opened up w/ the very energetic “Unafraid” which is about just that. being unafraid to differentiate from the norm. one of my favorite tracks on the record. other standout tracks to me are “One To Ten”,”The Picture”,”Don’t Fight It” & :”Down On Me” but the best track, and my new favorite song since “close Your Eyes” off of his first CD is “Black Boots” it just makes me want to get up and shake it all night! the beat is so catchy, the hook is incredibly infectious and it’s just genius! you guys have to buy both this, and “Too Young To Fight It” [if you haven’t already] you will not be disappointed!! I promise you!

  3. John

    Not for me.

    This album does seem more focused in that the style is not jumping to a different genre with each song, there is a lot more consistancy in the feel. However the songs just dont seem quite as deep in the verses (the choruses are catchy as ever) and something sounds just a bit off with the production (the bass and drums are too upfront on a few of the songs).

  4. Paul

    There are 6 great songs on this album. Interesting is the fact that they are not of any one style. Young Love does dance numbers well, balads well, Pop well, boy bands??? well…

    If you can handle an album that is this varied but still execellent, get this.


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